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Item Category: Turntables/Arms/Cartridges & Phonostages
Make: Origin Live
Model: Digital Stylus Force Gauge
Age: 0 years 0 months
Condition (?): New
Voltage: N/A
Price New (if known): £ 65
Choice Hi-fi price: £ 65
Conditions of payment: Fixed
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Digital Stylus Force Gauge

Additional Details:

Correct tracking force is important to obtain maximum performance and avoid record wear. Too heavy and the sound becomes relatively sluggish - too light and tracking is adversely affected leading to increased record wear.

A good digital stylus force gauge should not only be accurate but also be easy to read and fuss free to set up. Anyone who has used a digital stylus gauge would not choose to go back to the balance type gauge. Normally super accurate and convenient digital gauges are regarded as exotica. However this situation has changed with the arrival of "the arm load meter". This excellent meter will conveniently read your tracking force with great accuracy. No more fiddling with mechanical stylus balances that stick and can give false readings.

It may be helpful to relate that about a year ago when we started searching for an affordable solution to reducing the guesswork in cartridge set up, we came across an inexpensive jewelers digital scales on e-bay. These scales measured up to 50g and purported to be accurate to within 0.01 grams - The only trouble was that the readings varied depending on the position you put the stylus. In reality these scales gave large errors such as reading 2.1 grams for tracking force when the actual measurement was only 1.4 grams. We can vouch that the scales we are offering are accurate and have received excellent feedback from users who rate them as highly as scales at 3 times the price.

Another important aspect of set up is repeatability. Most stylus force gauges can vary up to 0.5 grams depending on how the balance sits in it's cradle. This uncertainty is eliminated with a precision digital force gauge which enables better comparison to be made between different tracking forces and VTAs.

The electronic stylus force gauge displays figures down to 0.001gram on a large LCD screen to make for easy reading. The special transducer technology, allows easy, repeatable and precise setting of cartridge tracking force. Battery included.

Measurement range : 0.001 to 5.000g,
Accuracy : +/- 0.002g
Ultra compact size : 99x44x22mm ( 3mm thick weighing plate)
Battery : AG12 1.5v x 2

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