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Item Category: Turntables/Arms/Cartridges & Phonostages
Make: Voyd
Model: Reference+ Ref psu + Cyalene+ AN IO LTD & AN7c
Age: 18 years 0 months
Condition (?): 9/10
Voltage: 230V 50Hz
Price New (if known): £ 0
Choice Hi-fi price: £ 20990
Conditions of payment: Or nearest offer

Additional Details:

Photos on request
Exceptional combination/ Vinyl replay package, about as rare as it gets. The remarkable Audio Note I/O Ltd cartridge comes with its own power supply to energise the coils. Helius Cyalene tone arm designed to carry the IO ltd cartridge.Three motor Voyd Reference turntable with its own Reference Power Supply all topped off with the Audio Note AN 7c step up transformer.
Sublime in the extreme.

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