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Item Category: AV Complete Systems
Make: kenwood
Model: XD System
Age: 6 years 0 months
Condition (?): 8/10
Voltage: N/A
Price New (if known): £ 1200
Choice Hi-fi price: £ 200
Conditions of payment: Fixed
Image ( actual ) :
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kenwood XD System
Image ( actual ) :
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kenwood XD System

Additional Details:

Full Kenwood HiFi System with all Kenwood interconnects and speakers -

A-H5 Stereo Integrated Amplifier. Selectable mains voltage either 110/20 - 220/40. Has Super woofer pre-out , main Left and Right speaker connection using direct wire clips, with further rear speaker left and right outs giving full 5.1 surround, which is also switchable. 180watt power rating. Source select from Aux, MD, Tape, Tuner or CD. Also has Source Direct button to bypass all EQ and electronics to bring signal straight to the amp. Also features a N.B Circuit which helps compensate for loss of bass frequencies at lower volume levels.

C-H51 Tuner/Graphic Equalizer. Features 4 way clip able antenna input suitable for all band pick up with de emphasis channel space (75us and 50 us). Aux inputs for minidisk in and out, and aux input for IPOD, deck, TV ETC. 2 Microphone inputs with Hit Master function to lower pre-recorded vocal. Full of graphic presets or manual input. Full auto or manual tuning of band presets. OTT Timer, sleep function and digital echo for karaoke night! Expanded bass function and SRS 3D surround from stereo sources.

DP-MH5 6 Disk Changer. Features random play and repeat. Optical digital out. All fully programmable via included RC-H7 Remote control unit.

X-H5 Stereo Double Cassette Deck. Features include auto reverse, direct recording, and one touch recording from Mini disk or CD. Dolby B Noise reduction. Adjustable level between decks and A/B switching.

2 x Kenwood LS-H6 3 way ported speakers at 80watts each at 6 ohms.

Also inluded are all origional Kenwood cabling and remote control. Beautiful modern polished steel finish. Looks as good now as it did then.

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