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Item Category: Loudspeakers
Make: Thiel
Model: cs 3.7
Age: 1 years 0 months
Condition (?): 10/10
Voltage: N/A
Price New (if known): £ 11750
Choice Hi-fi price: £ 8250
Conditions of payment: Fixed
Image ( actual ) :
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Thiel cs 3.7

Additional Details:

Stunning pair of Thiels, the latest and last of Jim Thiel as you audiophiles know...

This speaker is something different. It uses a dual for the midrange and tweeter and a bass driver with a passive radiator. The front baffle is made out of aluminium as is the top. Everything you see on this speaker has a meaning, so this is really a masterpiece of design and technique.

These speakers were used as demo's and are available with a huge discount. They are in mint condition, without box (poor quality), but with factory warranty.



Sensitivity 90 dB
Frequency range 33 Hz - 22 KHz
Impedance 4 Ohm
Measurements 114 x 32 x 53 (HxBxD)(cm)
Weight 41.5 Kg

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